Desperately Seeking Teresa

Anyone visiting this site and familiar with the Blushes stable of spanking magazines will empathise with the frustrating experience of not being able to remember exactly which magazine a favourite model or photo shoot appears in.  Of course the Blushes policy of often putting a photo on the cover from a forthcoming magazine doesn’t help!

We get a number of letters from collectors trying to track down a particular model or additional images from a previously published photo shoot. Any enquiry of this nature are always a good excuse for our archivist Jon Rayworth to plough back through his huge collection of original magazines searching for the needle in a haystack.

We thought we’d feature a few of these enquiries, particularly those where we have had more than one request.

First up is the sweet and lovely ‘Teresa’ who appeared as a naughty nurse in Uniform Girls 18. Ironically she did appear on the cover of that magazine and featured prominently throughout which makes it a good starting point. She appears again in Blushes 32 for an over the knee spanking on her angelic little bottom, this time dressed in just a t-shirt and knickers. The final photo shoot we know of is a ‘school girl’ theme which can be found on two pages in Blushes Supplement 24. Further images from this shoot, as she bends across a desk for a caning, were published in Dear Blushes 53.

All three shoots look to have been taken at the same location. If you are aware of any other Blushes magazines that Teresa appeared in do drop us a line at

Completists may be interested to know that ‘Teresa’ can also be found in Janus 62 as Marjorie Jenkins.

We hope you enjoy seeing a small selection of images from her appearances across these magazines. To see more you can downloaded each issue by clicking on the highlighted links.


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