Creating the Janus Digital Archive

Work is currently underway to create a digital archive of the many thousands of photographs taken for Janus photostories over the past 40 years.

Jon Rayworth, a long time collector of Janus and Februs, has joined our expanding team to work with Roy Tersley to build the archive. High quality scans of all surviving images are being created (many of them previously unseen) so that classic photostories can now be appreciated in greater detail by those who remember them when they were first published and enjoyed for the first time by a whole new audience.

Jon takes up the story “Cataloguing all the material is a huge task because at one point Janus was producing four different titles and unfortunately the prints and negatives are no longer stored in any order. However, the good news is that a terrific amount of content exists from right across the run. Our focus initially will be on reconstructing the Janus archive before the team move on to tackle Februs.” 

Jon will be providing regular updates on this work and releasing some exclusive images over the coming months.

If you have ever appeared in Janus, been involved in the production of the magazine or have access to any material that you think might be worthy of inclusion in the archive then Jon would be pleased to hear from you. You can email him at

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