Corrective Medicine – Janus 48 (Part 1)

First and foremost – a very Merry Christmas!

We are pleased to feature an extended selection of published and unpublished images from this classic Janus 48 photo-story.

Dr Matthew Handley glanced at his watch. Five minutes to go. Not that he expected her to be late, she was too frightened for that. He knew Nurse Brierley to be a very proper, quite docile young English girl and with the relative enormity of what she had done…oh no, she wouldn’t dare to be late. Just as she had been so ready to agree to what he had suggested. Anything so long as her action could be hushed up. Because stealing amphetamines was an extremely serious matter and if it were made public there was no doubt Claire Brierley would be kicked out – dismissed from her profession.

Matthew Handley, a consultant radiologist at the hospital, had no wish to see Claire Brierley scandalously disgraced. On the other hand if it was not to go any further it was clear that Nurse Brierley must be given a lesson that she would not want to forget in a hurry. As it happened Matthew Handley possessed the very instrument with which to impart such a lesson, namely a three-foot-long cane, already to hand in his consulting room…

To see more you can download a copy of Janus 48 by clicking on the highlighted link. Check back later in the week to see some further images from this photo-story.

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