Coming A Cropper – Free Spanking Photos

Free Spanking Photos from Janus 152.

The maid had opened the main door to Helen Daniels, shown the stable girl into the spacious lounge then discreetly retired. Helen had no idea why she had been summoned to the big house. Living in rooms above the stables like the other girls and lads who tended the race horses owned by Lady Marsha Tewkesury, this was a rare treat, to glimpse how the rich and privileged lived. 

The girl gasped. She hadn’t heard anyone enter, yet Lady Marsha was suddenly there, clad as was usual during the day in riding gear of hacking jacket and jodhpurs. ‘So,’ the elegant woman said in her refined tones, ‘you are Helen Daniels.’

Three time Janus star Helen Daniels made her first appearance in Janus 152. She went on to appear again in Janus 154 and Janus 163. Helen was an especially popular model and her splendid bottom came in for high praise from Janus readers. We’re delighted to feature some additional photos of her out of her jodhpurs and a couple of charming out-takes from the shoot.

To see more of Helen you can download the magazines she appeared in by clicking on the highlighted links.


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