Carrie’s Confessor – Free Spanking Photos

We’re pleased to feature a selection of unpublished spanking photos from ‘Carrie’s Confessor’ which appeared in Janus 112.

Carrie’s friend Jennifer suggested it. Go to Alan and tell him everything. He’d be able to help because Alan knew about such things. You see, Carrie had a problem. Well, actually, she had four of them. Boyfriends that is; they were the problem. And now she was feeling guilty. She’d  been brought up to be well-behaved, nice, and correct. Unfortunately, Carrie was none of these and she knew it.

The trouble was that she could never say ‘No’ – that was always what happened when ever she tried to be nice. She knew that she could exercise more control, but her needs always seemed to take over from her mind. Promiscuity was becoming a way of life and Carrie desperately wanted to stop before something serious happened. Perhaps Jennifer had been right. Perhaps she should tell someone who was objective. Perhaps she should go and see Alan. Heart pounding, Carrie went to see Alan. He told her that she could only absolve herself if she was honest. She had to tell him everything, and she had to accept his solution. He could exorcise her guilt to humiliation and punishment.

To see more of Carrie’s punishment you can download a copy of Janus 112 by clicking on the highlighted link. You can see more photos from the pages of Janus and Februs by clicking on our Free Spanking Photos page.

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