Box of Delights – A Caning Story from Janus

A caning story from Janus.

The box arrived at the Old Hall that afternoon. It had been shipped by RoboBabeTM Industries of California and took two men to unload and unpack it. Unable to resist the improbable sales blurb, Royston Arnold had ordered a prototype model of the thing it contained while on his travels to the USA.
Fantastic new state-of-the-art life- size girl doll, the makers had boasted. RoboBabeTM is your playmate or bedmate for life. Never grows old. Walks but doesn’t talk. Beautiful, nubile, realistic in every conceivable way. Will obey your every wish or whim and never answer back. Specify body type and colouring required.
In the appropriate box he had ticked Caucasian, blonde and statuesque, sent in the order then thought no more about it. That had been months ago. Royston hadn’t believed it could possibly live up to its claims, and now it was here he felt apprehensive about even looking.
All day the box stood open in the hall, unexplored. Now it was evening. Royston retreated to the lounge with the remote control gadget and poured himself a bracing whisky. Probably, he thought, it wouldn’t work, or be a huge disappointment. Apparently the thing contained sensors and a sophisticated radar system which allowed the doll to locate and ‘see’ its operator. In a sense, then, it would actually be aware of him. Royston shivered, whether with apprehension or excitement he couldn’t be sure. The instructions looked simple enough: the remote control had codes to make the doll walk, stop, lift arms and perform all manner of life-like physical movements. Or so it was claimed. Well, he was about to find out just how ‘real’ this doll, named Pandora on the side of the box, appeared to be.
Royston took another slug of Scotch to fortify himself. Then, with some apprehension, he pointed the remote control and pressed the button marked come here. For several seconds nothing happened, but then he heard the eerie sound of movement out in the hall. It was positively chilling when footsteps sounded and the door creaked open. The doll walked slowly into the room. Royston gaped. Oh my God, she was beautiful! Slender, fabulous figure, long blonde hair, perfect features. It was no longer ‘it’, but ‘she’. Pandora advanced and stood before him. Her bright blue eyes gazed openly and frankly into his own. Towering proudly on high- heeled shoes, she wore nothing but pink see-through micro-panties with matching bra and looked absolutely magnificent.
It took a while for Royston to recover from his astonishment. Surely this was too good to be true? Once his reeling senses had re-assembled into some sort of order, he decided to experiment on what he might be able to make the doll do. Selecting a code on the remote control, he required Pandora to show her breasts. At once the perfectly lifelike hands came up and lifted the bra clear, showing him a glorious pair of naked breasts with erect nipples. This was wonderful!
Agog, Royston varied the code on the remote. Exactly as bidden, the doll pulled the bra back into place and then, in a series of smooth forward movements, pushed down the panties to show him that she had an extremely realistic-looking vagina. He now tried something more sophisticated, and found that Pandora responded to simple vocal instructions when the activity button was pressed. His “Replace, panties, turn and fetch cane,” was met with by her doing exactly that. Her electronic sensors not only interpreted the word ‘cane’, but located where he had hung it on the back of a chair. She trod towards it, carefully lifted it, turned back and advanced towards him, then stopped, the cane laid across her upheld palms like an offering.
Royston whistled softly. This was simply unbelievable! “Give me the cane,” he murmured. And again she responded, presenting the whippy shaft to him with a submissive bow of the head.
“Stand still,” he said, feeling bolder. He wondered how the incredibly life-like doll would react if he took some liberties. Was it programmed to deliver a slap to the face, like a real woman might, if its operator overstepped the line? Royston positioned her, feeling how the flesh, exactly like real flesh, was soft and pliant to the touch. And the breasts? He grasped one and gently squeezed it. Then the other. They felt totally real under his hands. He palpated and stroked them, but she gave no response.
Feeling rather like a naughty boy let loose in a sweet shop, Royston went further, opening her panties at the front and peering inside. The genitalia looked absolutely as a female’s should, and he found himself sweating slightly. The lips looked moist, as though the doll’s arousal had already begun. His heart was thumping absurdly. There would be time to explore that area more intimately later, he told himself.
At his instruction she turned her back to him. It was a splendid back. He lost no time in teasing the panties down, and feasted his delighted gaze on as splendid a set of bottom-cheeks he had ever beheld. He prodded each in turn, and gave them an insolent squeeze. They were soft and springy, cool and spankable. And again Pandora took his probings with equanimity.
Spankable! Oh my gosh…
When Royston had programmed the doll to fetch the cane, it had been no more than an experiment. But now the thought came that he might use it on her. Was she set to respond to the stimulus of pain? There was only one way to find out.
Returning again to the instructions, he combined the activity button with the whispered command “Bend over.” In a co-ordinated sequence of forward movements her body dipped at the waist, while the legs remained straight, and her out-reaching hands gripped the back of the couch. The panties had slipped up inside the divide of her flawless buttocks and the prospect before him was bliss.
“I’m going to cane you,” he said out loud, just as if she were a real girl bent before him awaiting punishment. Pandora made no response.
“I shall cane you very hard!” His own words startled him in the silence, and he was astonished to see a slight waggle of hips, at which she arched her spine inwards to push out her bottom more provocatively.
Taking careful aim, Royston swung the cane in to connect with a soft snick across the waiting buttocks. She made no sign of discomfort. Increasing pace, he was soon cracking the cane across the pantied cheeks with all the force he could muster: crack! crack! crack! crack! crack!
This time there was some slight response, as if an alternative programme had kicked in. The tiniest yelp came from her electronic throat and her hips began to jerk at each stroke. But the moment he stopped, Pandora was still again.
What an amazing machine, Royston thought. It knows it’s being caned and is starting to respond. Eager now, he grasped the waistband of her panties and eased them down her legs, baring those flawless buttocks once more. So carried away did Royston become, he sank to his knees in an attitude of worship behind that divinely proportioned arse and planted a succulent kiss against it. Pandora’s expression didn’t change, nor did she move. This, he felt, was a show that could run and run!
“Let’s see how you take it on the bare,” he muttered. Straightening up, Royston now proceeded to cane Pandora’s bare bottom with precision and vigour. The shaft rose and fell
in regular rhythm, and when each time it struck deeply into the ‘flesh’ – which behaved exactly like normal flesh and developed crimson cane- tracks programmed, presumably, to fade in time – the accompanying crack sounded exactly as if Pandora were a live female submitting to a evere caning, and a little gasp was expelled through her succulent lips at each stroke.
“For the moment, Pandora, your punishment is over.” Royston spoke out loud. Activating the remote control, he instructed her to stand upright. As she did so, smoothly and easily, he found it almost impossible to believe she wasn’t real.
“Turn right.” A click of the button and she did so. Delirious at what pleasures this amazingly life-like doll might bring him, he removed her brassiere to expose again her perfect breasts and pulled the panties off the long, graceful legs.
“What else can you do, I wonder?”
Royston squeezed one of the breasts. It was pliant to his touch, and the nipple erected. Her skin was sleek and silky as he stroked it, dazed at what more she might have to offer.
Her bottom, too, he lingered over, marvelling at the pink welts his cane had raised across it.
He picked up the remote control and clicked random. “My room?” he enquired, more in hope than expectation. But Pandora stepped at once into motion, walking away from him with mechanical precision, her well-caned buttocks seductively swaying. Royston didn’t see the very real smile that suddenly illuminated Pandora’s previously impassive face as she vanished through the door towards the stairs.

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