As A Gentleman Switches His Cane – Februs 12

Very soon after its launch Februs successfully established an identity distinct from Janus by focusing on the subject corporal punishment from a female perspective. One of the real pleasures of reading Februs were the stories by Julie Holmes that accompanied many of the photo fantasies. Februs 12 is a good example featuring the lovely Sandra Briggs – long term girlfriend and employee of Thomas Wickham.

Sandra looked after Thomas’s diary but due to a misunderstanding she’d forgotten to confirm the day’s business meetings with clients. Fed up with his below-par ‘secretary’, Thomas decided to use some of the free time he now had on his hands to correct her behaviour and improve her powers of concentration. Midway through her punishment the doorbell rings and a courier arrives. If Sandra was hoping his arrival might bring about some respite for her sore bottom she’s going to be disappointed…

We’ve had a couple of emails singling out Sandra’s bottom for praise and we’re delighted to feature a selection of unpublished images from the Februs archive. To see more of Sandra you can download a digital copy of Februs 12 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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