Anyone for Tennis? – A Spanking Fantasy

It’s that time of year again. For a fortnight between the rain showers we all become tennis fans. The UK’s annual indulgence is however a good excuse to share one of our favourite spanking fantasy photos.

tennis spanking

This shot of Mary Pierce was taken a few years ago now but it’s not hard to imagine we might be witnessing the prelude to a good hiding!

Perhaps a disappointing practice session has concluded. Reluctantly our tennis star assumes the required position and lifts her skirt. She’s familiar with what happens next but the waiting is the worst part.

She is used to looking down at this clay court and feeling a gentle breeze around her perfectly presented bottom. Strong male hands will lower those knickers shortly. Twin curves of soft, pale flesh will soon be visible to any lucky, lingering spectators. Her bare bottom will be waiting for the cane.

All those lines she failed to hit in practice. In one of life’s rare moments of symmetry she knows precise lines will soon be burning where they will do the most good…

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