Antonia du Bois Recreated

A couple that recreated the Antonia du Bois story from Janus 20 – by Pat Greenham
Toni (Antonia) and David had been married for seven years having initially met in their early twenties. David was actually three years older than Toni and they had an excellent marriage and a great sex life. An important part of their sex life was a mutual enjoyment of spanking – Toni enjoyed a mild hand spanking every so often and very occasionally a very light caning. David could take a more severe spanking with one of their collection of their extensive selection of paddles and occasionally when Toni was in the mood, she would give David a really good caning.
They had both been subject to corporal punishment at school. Toni had been spanked on two occasions by her Headmistress – the first time resulted in four whacks with a black plimsoll across the seat of her tight fitting skirt – the second time six whacks with the same plimsoll across her tight fitting knickers after her skirt had been removed.
David had attended a Catholic Public School and had received the cane on four occasions, the most serious resulting in six-of-the-best across his bare bottom from his Headmaster for being caught smoking for the third time.
It is fair to say that both Toni and David were interested by their respective school punishments and David often wondered and indeed wished that Toni had suffered the cane. He would love to have listened to her account and fantasised about her being caned by a male teacher – but had to make do with her account of getting the slipper from the Headmistress.
They both enjoyed their modest collection of CP magazines with the twenty or thirty copies of Janus being their favourites, and David always seemed to gravitate to Janus 20, which featured the legendary Antonia du Bois. Whilst his wife was called Toni, her birth name was Antonia – but in David’s eyes, he fantasised that Antonia could have been his wife. Apart from sharing the same name, Toni shared a similar figure to Antonia du Bois,
medium height with lovely pert tits and a superb bottom – also blonde with a similar darkish triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair.
It was soon to be David’s thirtieth birthday and Toni had been thinking for a while about what to buy her husband. David was a successful man who had everything he wanted, and Toni was at her wits end wanting to come up with something really special as a present. He already had a number of valuable watches, which would have been an obvious choice. Toni decided that she should think about a unique experience and thought about a motor racing day at Silverstone or a unique flying experience.
Then she thought how would it be if I could come up with something really unique that would involve their joint love of spanking. After some extensive research, Toni came across The Donald Smithson Correction Centre and was fascinated to read about his professional spanking that are offered to those needing ‘Correction’.
As Toni read more she came with an idea that was explosive, one that would be painful for her, but would give David something that money alone could not buy.
At school Toni had done drama and was the lead in the school play in her last year. Her idea was to use her acting ability and see if together with Donald Smithson she could put a show for David that recreated the Antonia du Bois caning by the Punishment Officer. The more she thought about the idea, the more excited she became about it, despite knowing that she would have to endure a proper caning, not just the mild whacks that she sometimes received from David.
After thinking about this for a couple of days, she decided to call Donald Smithson and see if her idea was feasible. Donald listened to Toni as she explained her idea – she wanted it to be as ‘real’ as possible and faithful to the photo-story in Janus 20. She told Donald that she wanted to enter the room with her punishment slip, be made to suffer nude humiliation and then to receive twelve strokes of the cane hard enough to create the famous marks Antonio sported in the magazine. She would then ‘cheek’ him and have to take some strokes with the strap.
Donald told her that he liked the idea and that it was certainly possible. He also said that he was not familiar with the particular story and asked if she could send a copy of the complete photo fantasy to him in the post.
When Toni put the phone down, she was elated. Three days later, as arranged, Toni called Donald to check that he had received the copy of the pages from Janus 20. Not only did he confirm receipt of the copied pages, he also confirmed that he was happy to play the role of the Punishment Officer, and further he suggested that he hire an officer’s uniform from the local fancy dress shop – which absolutely thrilled Toni. They also discussed how the whole scene would be carried out which would essentially be one continuous act that should not be hurried and as such would need to last at least thirty minutes. Donald suggested that to achieve this they would need to make the ‘nude humiliation’ part of the act a little longer and perhaps break it into three stages of undress with the actual caning starting 15 minutes in which would then last eleven minutes which would then allow four minutes for the final scene where she showed further insubordination and received extra strokes of the strap.
Donald also asked about whether she would want a record of the event, as he knew a photographer that was very discreet. This was getting better all the time!
Donald even waived his fees saying that he would only charge for the uniform hire and the photographer. A date was agreed which would the first Saturday after David’s birthday.
Next was how to present this gift to David. She created a special card that simply said: –
Date – October 20
Time – 11am
Location – Smithson Correction Centre
Event – Antonia de Bois played by Toni Smith, reporting to Mr McTaggart, the Punishment Officer, played by Donald Smithson – and to be punished exactly as in the Photo Story in Janus 20
Memento – Full photographic record
The card was wrapped up with their copy of Janus 20. When presented with this gift on the morning of his birthday, David at first simply could not take it in. But when he realised that his wife had created the most extraordinary gift he was both stunned and elated.
He had more questions than anything – what exactly was the Smithson Correction Centre – how would the whole thing work – if Toni was to be caned, who would be administering.
Toni explained that Donald Smithson was originally a Headmaster and when he retired he set up the Smithson Correction Centre, which had gained something of a reputation. Initially Donald had advertised his services in the Marriage Guidance section of the local newspaper, and many of his initial clients were couples where for one reason or another punishment was merited as a solution to a relationship problem. This was sometimes if a marriage had failed because of an unfaithful relationship, where an agreement was reached that in order for the guilty party to be accepted back they would have to undergo a punishment. Additionally since corporal punishment was no longer allowed in schools, in certain circumstances a pupil could agree in writing to accept punishment at the Correction Centre as an alternative to expulsion. Toni added that a small number of Donald’s clients saw him because they enjoyed being spanked or caned.
In answer to David’s question as to how it would work, Toni said she had spoken at length to Donald Smithson and they had agreed that together they would recreate the complete photo fantasy as closely as possible to the story portrayed in Janus 20. Inevitably David wanted to know about the actual caning as he knew that Toni had only ever taken very mild cane strokes. His wife’s response was that this was the real present to the husband she loved very much, and that afterwards he would never have to wonder what it would have been like to hear about the caning she never received at school…….he was going to witness for himself his wife being caned, and her agreement with Donald Smithson was that the minimum level of severity was to have her bottom marked as Antonia du Bois’s had been during her photo shoot in Janus 20. In truth Toni was both terrified and excited about submitting to the cane in Donald’s hands.
Three days later, on the Saturday after David’s birthday they left home for the 50-mile drive to The Smithson Correction Centre. Toni had dressed in a white short-sleeved top and grey knee length skirt very much as worn by Antonio in the Janus 20 shoot. Underneath she had black underwear and stockings and suspenders. They had agreed to be there by 11am and the atmosphere in the car was one of anticipation. David was wondering how this was going to play out, Toni was both excited that she was going to give her husband an extraordinary present and genuinely concerned about taking her first ever proper caning, and twelve strokes to boot.
They arrived in good time and Toni told David to go inside and meet Donald and the photographer. She said she would knock on the door at 11am precisely and would simply meet Donald and go straight into the act. In advance she had agreed that there would be no preliminaries, she would simply meet Donald exactly as if she was reporting for punishment.
Meanwhile, David had gone inside and met Donald and the photographer. He had also taken a Sony Handicam and tripod, which he was going to set up in a single position to record the whole event. David found Donald to be very affable and was impressed with his officer’s uniform, which was a very good take on the look of Mr McTaggart in Janus 20. Ian, the photographer was also very friendly and asked David some questions about format, black and white or colour requirements etc. David simply said he would leave it to him – finding the whole scenario quite surreal.
It was now five to eleven, and they all knew Toni or Antonia (as she was to be for next 30 minutes) was about to enter and once in the room everything would start without delay. The atmosphere was electric.
At 11 on the dot Antonia knocked on the front door. Donald answered and immediately took up the role of Mr McTaggart.
What happened next from Mr McTaggart’s point of view: –
I led Antonia into the front room and immediately asked her for the ‘punishment slip’. Reading it back to her, I told her that she was here for the third time for gross insubordination and added that she was to receive twelve strokes of the cane. I very firmly told her that because of repeated visits, she was to undergo nude humiliation, and instructed her to initially remove her top and skirt. Antonia removed her top before unzipping her skirt and let it fall to the ground. Standing in just her black underwear, stockings and suspenders I told her to remain still as I further lectured her about her insubordination. I was aware of Ian clicking away with the camera and knew that David was watching and I wanted to keep up the act as I took in the vision of this very attractive young women. After two minutes of silence, I instructed Antonio that for the next stage of her humiliation she was to remove her knickers and that she was to face outwards and think about why she was going to be punished. Slipping her knickers down, Antonio looked embarrassed as she turned to face me and knew that I and the photographer were seeing her naked from the waist down for the first time with her tidy dark triangle of pubic hair at the apex of her shapely legs.
Again there was silence in a room charged with electricity as I made her stay in position for a very long two minutes before instructing her to turn and face away from us for a further two minutes. After exactly the allotted time, I told Antonio to once again face me as I once again read the details of the punishment slip out load.
I then told Antonio to remove the rest of her underwear. Taking off her bra, unfastening her stockings, Antonio was soon completely naked except for the high-healed shoes that I told her to step back into.
Facing me she now seemed completely unperturbed by her nudity and with a smile asked me if he found her body sexy and did I want to touch her. Despite being in the act, I felt a touch of anger and responded with a raised and angry voice about another example of insubordination and told her to immediately bend over the table.
I felt that she was really goading me, and wanted to be punished, but could not fail to appreciate the wonderful bottom that was now bent over in front of me and could see why they had likened her to Antonia du Bois in
the magazine. I lined up the cane across the centre of her bottom before bringing it down with force across the centre of her backside. Suddenly the attitude had gone as the full force of the cane hit home. She had wanted this for her husband, but the reality was something different as she was clearly very shocked by the instant and intense pain that a single stroke of the cane delivers. But I had been briefed to ensure she had twelve cane marks and did not want to disappoint. I was leaving a full minute between each stroke and after the third she seemed to settle. There was a real balance that I had to achieve here – caning her at a level she could just take, but also at a level that achieved her brief as befitted her present to her husband. It would completely defeat the object if she felt cheated that I had let her off lightly, so I had to take her to the limit of her outer endurance but not beyond. Leaving 60 seconds between strokes clearly helped as she was allowed to get used to the pain of each stroke before the next struck home. After the sixth, it became clear that Antonia was handling the caning better and had almost become resigned. I was also pleased that I had created a very neat set of cane lines across Antonia’s bottom and I was determined to try my best to get the second six strokes into the remaining gaps that remained. I left a slightly longer gap at the half waypoint, but when I resumed I slightly increased the severity to test her and see how she coped. The seventh and eighth was placed in two of the remaining gaps and resulted in slightly loader gasps from Antonia, but nothing I judged that were ‘too much’. There were four slim gaps left across her bottom and it was a real test of my accuracy to fill each, but happily I managed giving her the ninth and tenth before standing back to admire a superbly well caned bottom. The penultimate stroke was going to be low down just above the crease and I asked Antonia to bend slightly further over to ensure that I had the perfect sight of the target gap and it is true to say that this stoke did really hit home and resulted in a ‘squeal’ from her. We all knew there was only one more stroke to come, and I had saved a small vacant area right in the middle of her bottom – I knew just as well as everyone else the tradition of the last stroke and do not think I disappointed as I caned her with what could only be called a stroke of beauty. It was over and I told her to remain in position for a few moments as we all took in the vision of a beautifully punished bottom bearing twelve mostly discernable cane stripes.
After a minute I told her to stand, and as she turned there was a glint in her eyes as she told me that she thought that I had enjoyed caning her and that I had made her feel randy – she was again goading me. In the
tradition of the story I ordered her back over the table and taking a long tawse gave her four strokes in quick succession across her already damaged bottom.
It is fair to say that she had taken a tough punishment extremely well and as she once again stood, David and Ian both applauded.
Toni returned to being Toni, and smiled. She told Donald that he had certainly put her through a punishment that she never thought she would be able to take and as she stood before them she asked David if he had enjoyed his birthday present, to which he just said “extraordinary”.
Donald went to the kitchen and returned with a bottle of champagne and four glasses. Toni remained naked making no attempt to dress as they all toasted her and her extraordinary birthday present to her husband as they all drank champagne.
As it was approaching lunchtime, David suggested that the least he could do was to buy everyone a good lunch. Toni redressed in jeans and a tee-shirt that she had brought with her putting the Antonia outfit back in her bag, and it was true to say that they had an excellent lunch washed back with several bottles of wine before they all went their separate ways.
The following day, Toni put into words the whole experience: –
“It was fair to say that I was both excited and nervous as we drove the 50 miles to Donald’s Correction Centre. I really wanted to pull it off for David, but was panicking inside about taking 12 strokes of the cane. The most I had ever taken was six very light strokes which had barely left a mark, but I knew I was in for a very different experience, and one that I had fully brought on myself. Sitting in the car dressed approximately as Antonia had in the photo-story we hardly said a word during the journey. When we arrived David went in to meet Donald and Ian as I sat apprehensively waiting for a few minutes before knocking at the door and immediately took up the role of Antonia. Donald greeted me and took the role of Mr McTaggart and immediately asked me for the punishment slip confirming that I was to receive twelve strokes of the cane of gross insubordination. We had agreed that we would do the nude humiliation in three stages to extend the whole session slightly. I was ordered
to remove my skirt and top and I felt a tinge of embarrassment as I removed the two items knowing that Ian and McTaggart were seeing me partly naked for the first time. The atmosphere was charged as I stood facing them in silence for what seemed like minutes. The next instruction was to remove my black knickers and stand facing them with my pubic triangle on full show to all – I was told to leave my hands by my sides as I felt all three of them focus on my body revealed in (almost) all its glory. After another long two minutes, I was told to move the rest of my underwear – and taking off my bra, suspender belt and stockings left me completely nude except for my high-heeled shoes that I was told to step back into. For the first time I felt a little empowered, completely naked in front of three men including my husband as Ian’s camera clicked away. I knew the script and told McTaggart that he could touch my body if he wanted adding that I knew he’d want to. His response was one of pure anger as I was ordered over the table with my bottom now high and presented for punishment. At this stage I was so ‘in the role’ that I had forgotten about the reality of the impending caning. I felt the cane touch my bottom and then silence as he took it back and thrashed my bare bottom for the first time. To say that I was shocked would be a massive understatement – I could not believe what had just happened and nothing that had taken place in our bedroom had prepared me for this. And I had eleven strokes to go. Sixty seconds is either a very short time or a very long time to wait – I am still not sure. The second stroke came and was equally as painful as I lay over the table with my bottom high in the air. A bit of me wanted him to get on with it so that it could over, but in reality the 60 seconds wait allowed me to try and come to terms with the extraordinary pain. McTaggart was making some kind of commentary telling that I had brought this caning upon myself for very bad behaviour as he touched my bottom signalling the next stroke which struck low down on my bottom which if anything was worse. The next three strokes took me to half way and McTaggart commented that I now had a perfect set of six cane weal’s and told me that there would be a two minute wait before he started the second six strokes. Meanwhile the only sound in the room was the clicking of Ian’s camera as I waited for seemed like an eternity. When the seventh stroke came it was almost as if McTaggart had upped the severity hitting my bottom quite high up, but strangely for the first time I felt that I was going to be able to take all twelve, certainly not a view I had after the first stroke. The eighth and ninth were lower and it seemed that McTaggart was working his way down my bottom from the top and the pain in my bottom was something I had never ever imagined I would experience – but I was doing this for David and hoped he was enjoying my extreme discomfort. With three to go I tried to relax and was hoping that McTaggart was trying not to put any
the last strokes on top of previous whacks. It was hard to remember exactly how these last strokes were actually given as it had become a bit of a blur – but I clearly remember waiting for the final stroke having been told that by tradition the last is always the hardest – and he did not disappoint. I was told to stand up and face him and as per the story I told him that I was sure he had enjoyed himself and that he made me feel randy – to which he ordered my back over the table and after crossing the room to select a long tawse, he gave me four strokes in hard succession. Something rather strange happened – I could not at that stage claim any bit of me had enjoyed the caning, but I had found the tawse given across my caned bottom bearable and almost enjoyable. As I stood for the second time they all applauded me and asking David what he thought, he simply said “extraordinary”.
One week later, Ian after having the photographs processed sent the contact sheets to Toni and David and the result was a superb album, the like of which was unique. They also choose a picture that they had framed and sent to Donald.
What was true, that forever after, Toni would be able to describe the experience of being severely caned!
Pat Greenham