Alice – Free Spanking Photos

Free Spanking Photos from Janus 74

It has been two years since Alice fell under the spell of the enigmatic Selina (see Janus 60). Two years of submissive devotion to her female ‘Svengali’ have changed the girl. But now Selina has moved on, leaving Alice with a newfound confidence.

Alice has become a model, the perfect job for her vain and admittedly narcissistic new character. Emotionally, she is more stable and less dependant on other people. She now makes her own decisions and working for herself is a rewarding experience.

Something is missing from Alice’s new life, however, and of course she knows just what it is. When she came to see us recently and talked and talked, we realised we had another candidate for the Black Room. 

We’re pleased to feature a selection of high quality spanking photos from Alice’s appearance in Janus 74. We’ll be publishing further photos from the continuation of this photo story which appeared in Janus 75 next week. To see more of Alice, you can download copies of the three magazines she appears in by clicking on the highlighted links.

You’ll find more high quality images from the pages Janus and Februs by visiting our index of Free Spanking Photos.

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