Aileen’s Order Of The Bath – Free Spanking Photos

Free Spanking photos from Janus 118

She is worried: very worried. Matthew fixes her with eyes that betray nothing, but his body is rigid with anger. John, her lover, is long gone, scuttling through the door with only one shoe in place, his overcoat being hurled unceremoniously after his hobbling, retreating back.

Now it is just Aileen and Matthew, she cornered in the bathroom and he holding the tawse they occasionally use for erotic fantasy games. Only this is no game

Aileen Marsh, 27 year old adulterer, hugs her short robe, trying to conceal the scanty lingerie that an hour ago was sexy and now is merely tacky. Matthew blocks the doorway, flexes the tawse between his hands and stares in outrage at the wife who has betrayed him in her own home – in his own bed…

We hope you enjoy seeing a selection of unpublished photos of Aileen’s punishment which originally appeared in Janus 118. To see more of this photo fantasy you can download a copy of the magazine by clicking on the highlighted link.

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