After Hours – Janus 128

Christabel waited outside Daniel’s door. He was more than just her boss, he owned the company too. Built it up from scratch. Not a big company, more small to middling. Did that make him a big fish in a small pond?

What did he think was so great about him that he expected her to hang around like this when everyone else had gone home? The cheek of it! She had a life of her own didn’t she? Already he’d made her wait for ages. The cleaners had come and gone. They’d seen her standing outside his office. She was sure some of them had smirked. What did they imagine she was doing there? She began to feel more and more like a teenage girl waiting outside the Head’s study…

‘After Hours’ was hidden away as the second photo fantasy in Janus 128 which was a shame as Christabel was deserving of her own Janus front cover. She certainly looks amazing bending over in those tight jeans!

We hope you enjoy this selection of unpublished photos from the Janus archive. If you want to see more of Chrisabel’s punishment you can download a copy of Janus 128 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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