Acquiring the Taste

Janus 156 includes a revealing interview with Shireen Clifford (which originally appeared in Februs 3) about the importance corporal punishment played in her life.

In the interview Shireen describes her first experience of being punished by her partner Piers. “He was very stern. He told me to stand with my hands on the stool and my bottom jutting out. He selected a riding crop and brought it down on my behind very quickly; I remember I’d barely recognised the pain from the first stroke before the third was delivered and then he ordered me to take off my knickers. I was trembling from shock but I did as I was told and bent over the stool again. He brought the crop down six more times on my bare bottom and even though it was excruciating, even though I was scared, I knew this was exactly what I had always wanted.”

Accompanying the interview are some wonderful photos of Shireen and Piers. We thought you’d enjoy this selection from the Janus archive.

If you’d like to read the rest of this interview and see more of Shireen you can download a digital copy of Janus 156 here.

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