A Woman’s Re-Awakening – Fiona Lewison Returns!

We’re delighted this weekend to be able to publish Fiona Lewison’s account of her efforts to re-introduce spanking into her life. Visitors to this site will already be familiar with Fiona’s earlier disciplinary experiences but, after a long absence, she has dipped her toe into the water once again.

We’ll let Fiona explain further:

“When I started writing ‘A Woman’s Awakening’ a few months back, I believed that my days of being punished were over, that it was something that belonged to my life with my husband and was best left in the past. I felt that being spanked by another man would be somehow pointless, wrong, unfaithful even, but since writing my disciplinary history, and getting more involved with Janus, my feelings have changed. It seemed the right time to move on, to exorcise some ghosts and, perhaps more importantly, to feel that sense of chastisement once again. I had, if I’m being honest, missed it terribly…”

You can read Fiona’s latest chapter, A Woman’s Re-Awakening, by clicking on the highlighted link.

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