A Spanking Good Life

We were delighted at Janus to receive a copy of ‘A Spanking Good Life’ by Nick Urzdown to review. Those with knowledge of the history of Janus will know that long-time Janus editor AG Van Okker also published his memoirs under the same title more than 30 years ago.

Nick’s book succeeds on a number of different levels. The real life descriptions of the many spankings he has administered are rich in detail. You genuinely feel as though you are on a journey with him through all the naughty girls he has known and corrected over the years. There’s also plenty to enjoy about the history of spanking magazines, the industry in general and Janus in particular (although we don’t recognise some of the events Nick describes!).

Nick is refreshingly honest about the emotionally difficult events in his life which provides the reader with a real insight into how he became the man he is today. Like him or not you have to respect him for choosing to live a life completely true to himself.

‘A Spanking Good Life’ is a great read – we think Van would have approved. You can buy a copy of Nick’s book on Amazon and read his blog here.

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