A Peculiar State of Affairs – Free Spanking Photos

Free Spanking photos from Janus 44.

Liz and Damian Rogers had a smart little boutique and Lucie Martin had been thrilled to get a job working there. She was only 17 and therefore a bit green. Nice and young and innocent looking and perhaps those innocent looks appealed to Damian – and to Liz. The boutique carried a range of smart street clothes plus underwear, some of it quite sexy; but there was also that room at the back. It was normally kept locked except when there was a special client, usually a woman, and then it was always Liz who took the client through. Lucie only worked in the front of the house. Naturally she was curious and that curiosity was answered at the end of Lucie’s first week, on Friday before finishing time.

Damian was out on business and Liz came up to her and gave her a heavy look. ‘Shall I show you something interesting, Lucie? One of our little secrets?’

Lucie followed Liz out to the back where she unlocked the door. Inside was a smallish but brightly lit room with two big mirrors. On a table were two glossy catalogues of female models wearing all kinds of kinky erotic clothing and as Liz proceeded to open cupboards and doors there was revealed an extensive collection of the same sort of thing, all shiny black latex and leather and rubber. Lucie couldn’t believe her eyes. 

Suddenly there was Liz’s hand at her waist and Liz’s rather deep voice.

‘What do you think, young Lucie; would any of this suit you?’

Lucie was still too dumbfounded to answer. Liz gave a husky, sexy laugh.

‘No, I don’t think it’s for our Lucie. She’s a sweet little submissive, isn’t she? And this is for dominant ladies.’

And then Liz’s hand left Lucie’s waist and smacked the young girl’s bottom. Two sharp smacks and after the second one the hand stayed there and gave Lucie’s bottom a deliberate squeeze…

We hope you enjoy seeing this small selection of colour images that survive in the archive from Janus 44. To find our what happens to Lucie (and Liz when Damian returns home!) you can download a copy of Janus 44 by clicking on the highlighted link.


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