A New Year Treat – Unseen images of Nicola Redway!

While preparing Encore Janus 10 and 11 we discovered the contact sheets from Nicola Redway’s final appearance in Janus 68. We were able to recover some previously unseen images from these sheets as our regular columnist, Fiona Lewison, explains:

These photos, taken by Vic Barnes for a photo-story in Janus 68, have been scanned from the original contact sheets. Sadly, the negatives have not survived so, even at maximum resolution, our archivist Jon Rayworth could not make them any bigger than about 5in x 4in. But I think you will all agree that they are, nevertheless, of great interest.

Nicola Redway was a hugely popular Janus model, appearing in no fewer than four editions, and it’s not difficult to see why. Whether as a giggling schoolgirl in Janus 23 and Janus 46 or, as in this case, a prospective employee, Nicola won our hearts with her beauty, her lovely figure and a vivacious joie de vivre that was very infectious.

Our thanks to Fiona for enhancing these wonderful images. We hope you enjoy seeing a little more of one of our most celebrated spanking models. More free photos of Nicola and Priscilla can be found here and here.

You can download the full set of Nicola’s appearances in Janus 23, Janus 46, Janus 48, Janus 68, Encore Janus 10 and Encore Janus 11.


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