A Double Reckoning (Part 2) – Janus 120

In Part One (Janus 119), Mrs Hillary Hanbury-Boyce soundly spanked, slippered and caned Tiffany Reed, a farmer’s daughter whose parents had sent her to the renowned local disciplinarian to be punished.

As Hilary sat down to pleasurably survey her handiwork, there came a most unexpected sound. A male voice could be heard, loudly demanding admittance. Rapid footsteps approached, the door was flung open and a young man entered the room.

‘Denzel!’ gasped Tiffany. As she turned towards the intruder the cheeks of her face became almost as red as the punished ones on display. For several seconds the young man, her fiancé, stared at the sight, aroused by Tiffany’s compliant nakedness.

‘Don’t think I haven’t heard about the things that go on here with the girls of this village!’ Denzel shouted as Hilary rose austerely to her feet. He seized hold of her collar. ‘I reckon it’s high time you had a taste of your own medicine!’

We hope you enjoy this selection of unpublished images from the Janus archive. To see more of Hillary and Tiffany getting their just deserts, download a copy of Janus 120 by clicking on the highlighted link.

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