A Double Reckoning (Part 1) – Janus 119

‘What is your name girl?’ This one looked sulky. Not yet nineteen, skin like silk and an apple fragrance all her own. Hilary Hanbury-Boyce would very soon be feeling that delicious young flesh, tracing its curves with her fingers and palms, testing its likely reception to punishment.

‘Tiffany, Madam. Tiffany Reed.’

‘Your father sent you to me I believe.’ Hilary entered the room carrying one of her late husband’s black leather slippers. Her own behind had felt it many times in the past, and knew just how much pain could be packed into that smooth, well-worn sole.

‘Let’s have a look at the target area shall we?’
‘Sorry miss?’
‘You will be,’ Hilary snapped. ‘I’m talking about your bottom. Turn round girl.’

We hope you enjoy this small selection of unpublished photos from Janus 119. We’ll publish some more from the conclusion of this story, which appeared in Janus 120, later in the week. To see the rest of Tiffany’s punishment you can download a copy of Janus 119 by clicking on the highlighted link. If you can’t wait to see Hilary herself on the receiving end then Janus 120 is already available to download.

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