A Brush With Aunt Winnie – Janus 82

Rebellious! Ungrateful! Uncaring! Unprincipled!’

Aunt Winnie’s finger wags. Her words flick like a whip.

‘Callous! Irresponsible! Utterly self-centred! No consideration whatsoever for anyone but your wicked, deceitful, spoiled self!’

‘And you can wipe that superior smirk off your face, young woman! If I’d behaved a quarter as appallingly as you do when I was your age, you may be sure it would have been beaten out of me!’

Melissa blinks. She wouldn’t have bothered to come here at all, despite her aunt’s furious letter and phone calls, had it not been for the fact that – well, the old bag’s got money and, as an only niece, she had rather hoped…

‘Yes beaten my girl – with the back of a hairbrush!’

Melissa’s punishment can be found in Janus 82. We hope you enjoy seeing this selection of photos from the Janus archive. Click on the highlighted link to download a copy of the magazine.

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