The Swimming Pool - Digital Download
The Swimming Pool - Digital Download
The Swimming Pool - Digital Download
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The Swimming Pool

This review was originally published in Janus magazines during the early 1980’s.
A girl swims topless in a private pool. The master of the household discovers her in horror. He is outraged that she has been swimming and sunbathing almost naked and ‘showing the neighbours everything you’ve got’. He follows her upstairs and delivers a really explosive spanking to her bare bottom across his lap. She wriggles and kicks like a wild thing as her large round buttocks turn a brighter and brighter red. But even as he yells at her that she’s a ‘wicked, immoral, brazen, naughty hussy!’ and threatens to tell her mother, it’s so clear he loves the stinging he has created. Watch her lie keeled over the edge of her bed afterwards, bare bottom displayed, crying hysterically…

The video is 10 minutes long & a 80MB download

This is one of a selection of films which were first shown in the viewing booths in the Janus Shop in London. This is a rip of the original video and not surprisingly the picture quality is not of today's standards but in no way does this spoil the viewers enjoyment.


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