Janus 028 Digital Edition
Janus 028 Digital Edition
Janus 028 Digital Edition
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This is a digital edition of Janus 28. THE MORAL WELFARE SERVICE

Janus 28 returns to the theme of Moral Welfare with great success. The second photo story is devoted to the new Moral Welfare video. Three beautiful offenders; Stella Castle - a blonde teenage shoplifter, Jassi Hafeez - a delinquent Asian schoolgirl and Lorraine Simmonds - a punkette in full regalia, are all subjected to long uncomfortable waits to be seen by the doctor, followed by painstaking medical examinations before they finally make the fateful trip to the punishment room. The colour plates in the centre of the magazine are especially good.

‘Notice to Quit’ is a simple but well executed photo story about unpaid rent. Once her landlord is through with her it’s safe to say that Rosemary Laine is no longer a ‘sitting tennant’!

‘The Truth Always Hurts’ is a story submitted by Janus reader ‘Rachel King’ There is a charming photo of Rachel at her typewriter in her school uniform and we are assured that her bottom is “no stranger to the sting of a thin, really whippy cane”. ‘Cane Ceremony’ by Andrew Grantham is a delightful tale of a headmaster’s decision to retire his long serving cane and break in a new one at a special ceremony. To witness the event he invites many past pupils who’ve felt the sting of ‘Old Trusty’ before and Paula’s artwork on page 44 perfectly captures the occasion for us. 

Readers’ Letters include the identification of the guilty bottom featured in Janus 24, comment on Richard Manton’s questionnaire, requests for thigh marks and a wonderful letter from Mr Jardine who first appeared in Janus 23.

This is a scanned magazine to view a 4 page free sampler please click HERE

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