Janus 026 Digital Edition
Janus 026 Digital Edition
Janus 026 Digital Edition
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This is a digital edition of Janus 26. THE MORAL WELFARE SERVICE

Janus 26 is devoted to the theme of ‘Moral Welfare’. Set a few years in the future, our society has decided that the upsurge in crimes committed by young people will no longer be tolerated. A Moral Welfare Service has been established to enforce supervision orders and administer ‘reasonable and appropriate’ corporal punishment to young lawbreakers.

The photo stories introduce us to two female delinquents, Patricia Scully and Jilly Waistrose who are in the care of the Moral Welfare Service. We drop in on their medical inspections and witness two formal canings. The punishment marks in both black and white and colour photos are among the most severe featured in the magazine. The dark tone of these photo shoots stuck a chord with readers and Janus returned to this theme in issues 28 (accompanied by a video), 43 and 65.

‘Seaside Encounter’ by RT Mason describes a chance meeting for Jane Williams with a man who truly appreciates her splendid bottom. The artwork accompanying the story on pages 19 and 22 is outstanding. ‘Linda’s Bet’ by Michael Wentwood explores the motivation of a young woman who tries to earn herself a caning and Richard Manton reviews the results of the questionnaire he posed to readers in Janus 20.

Readers’ Letters include thoughts on the pleasures of punishing larger bottoms, praise for the severity of Janus 19, 20 and 23 and several personal recollections of punishments received in years gone by.

This is a scanned magazine to view a 4 page free sampler please click HERE

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