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Janus 152 Digital Edition
Janus 152 Digital Edition
Janus 152 Digital Edition
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   This is a digital edition of Janus 152. HELEN DANIELS – BROUGHT TO ACCOUNT

Coming A Cropper/ Hundreds of the Best/ Contacts/ Encore/ Heavenly Body/ Personal Training/ Letters

The front cover of Janus 152 would tempt any red-blooded spanker. It shows the shapely Helen Daniels having her bottom bared in the photo fantasy ‘Coming a Cropper’. Helen looks like she was made to go over a knee and to everyone’s delight the errant stable girl would return in issue 154.
‘Hundreds of the Best’ by Andrew Grantham welcomes us to Dovescott Academy for 18-year-old girls and describes the very formal punishment of Jenny. Anton’s illustration on page 21 captures the atmosphere perfectly. ‘Encore Janus’ revisits Janus 40 and the angel faced Lisa Jenkins while ‘Heavenly Body’ (also by Andrew Grantham) explains how the first female vicar of St Thomas’s came to have sore bottom.
The second photo fantasy ‘Personal Trainer’ sees the welcome return of Serena Vivien Whitney who previously appeared on the front of Janus 148. Readers’ letters describe caning techniques, cp and humiliation, praise for Lisa from Janus 134 and a punishment appointment for Sarah.

File Size: 70 MB

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