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Janus 012 Digital Edition
Janus 012 Digital Edition
Janus 012 Digital Edition
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 This is a digital edition of Janus 12. HEAD GIRL NORTON

‘Head Girl Norton’ sits somewhat nervously on the front cover of Janus 12. It wasn’t until Janus 15 and the launch of the St Winifred’s Trilogy that we actually knew her as Norton, but the four colour plates of her being spanked and caned in this issue had already won her an army of admirers. 
Janus 12 also features a charming, simple set of black and white photos of a ‘schoolgirl’ caning. The irresistible tomboy (who is not named as photo stories were still a few issues away) can also be seen in Roue’s ‘4 O’clock Report’ and ‘The Rebel at St Angela’s’. Another series of photos entitled ‘The Good Old Days’ showcases some ample bottoms on the receiving end of the schoolteacher’s ruler.
‘Inspector Anderson’s Initiation’ is the tale of corporation bus inspector Charlie Anderson and the traditional methods of punishment he employs when dealing with fare dodgers. ‘Personal Attention’ takes us into the offices of Beaumont and Hallwood and their Personnel Manager, Frederick Vernon. He is on the verge of firing Miss Yvonne Edwards when her father writes to him suggesting that he administer a good hiding instead. Both pieces of fiction evoke memories of the late seventies and early eighties and are a pleasure to read.
The magazine also includes two lengthy letters, the first called ‘Playing with Fire’ tells of a young woman’s extraordinary experience of punishments at school and home, while the other, ‘Leathering’ describes the pleasure Sharon experiences when her boyfriend belts her soundly.
Perennial Detention/ Inspector Anderson's Initiation/ Personnel Attention/ Bottom of the Class/ Playing with Fire/ Sharon's Confession/ A Short Chat with the Maid/ Letters

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